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Mammo-4MT X-ray Mammography Unit for Image-Guided Biopsy

The Mammo-4MT unit is intended for stereotaxic biopsy and spot mammography procedures.

Its advantages include high image quality, simple operation and easy needle positioning. A stereotaxic biopsy device may be installed onto the isocentric C-arm or easily removed from it, which makes the unit a good choice for use both in screening and biopsy examinations.

The stereotaxic biopsy system designed for automatic calculation of the needle position using 3D coordinates features an operator’s panel with a graphic LCD display, a remote control system for manual adjustment of coordinates, and a biopsy needle positioning device. The simple positioning process allows for faster stereotaxic procedures and decreases the breast compression period, thus reducing patient discomfort during the procedure.


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The Mammo-4MT biopsy mammography unit can be supplied in the following configurations:

      • digital – with a full-format direct conversion digital detector based on a-Se (amorphous selenium) technology, which converts X-rays directly into an electrical signal. Instant image acquisition reduces procedure time and makes digital mammography an optimal diagnostic tool, while the detector’s high dynamic range, high resolution and low noise level allow for equally efficient recognition of both micro-calcifications and low-contrast objects on images;

    • analog – with the MiniMed-4MT automatic film processor.

      The mammography unit is equipped with a C-arm which can rotate as well as move vertically.
      The system’s side panels feature digital indicators for compression force, breast thickness and C-arm rotation angle. The compression control foot pedal is complemented by a turn knob for fine compression adjustment, which ensures optimal selection of the compression force in each specific case and significantly decreases discomfort and pain during the examination. In addition, a unit is equipped with an emergency compression release button.



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