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Mammo-4MT X-ray Screening Mammography Unit

The Mammo-4MT X-ray mammography unit provides high-quality images required for efficient diagnostics of breast diseases and detection of cancer at early stages.

The high performance of the unit reduces examination time and increases patient throughput which is a substantial advantage for screening exams. 

Reliable and user-friendly, Mammo-4MT ensures high resolution and quality of the mammograms obtained with lower patient exposure dose. It also supports automatic exposure parameters selection mode.

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The Mammo-4MT screening mammography unit can be provided in the following configurations:

  • with a digital direct conversion detector based on an a-Se (amorphous selenium) technology, which converts X-rays directly into an electrical signal. Due to its high dynamic range, high resolution and elimination of noise associated with additional conversions of X-rays, the detector ensures exceptional image quality allowing for recognition of both micro-calcifications and low-contrast objects;

  • with the VisiR-MT CR system (or, at the customer’s preference, another CR system);

  • an analog version with the MiniMed-4MT automatic film processor.




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