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Mammo-5MT Screening X-ray Mammography Unit

A state-of-the-art mammography unit designed for screening studies, supporting high-precision setup and equipped with a full-field indirect conversion detector.

The system ensures high-quality digital X-ray images needed for efficient diagnosis of breast diseases.

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The Mammo-5MT screening X-ray mammography unit features a flat-panel indirect conversion digital detector in a 24х30 format and a pixel size of less than 50 µm.

The CMOS photo sensor used in the detector ensures fast acquisition of high-quality digital images. The technology of indirect X-ray conversion into an electrical signal, combined with specially developed software algorithms, guarantee uninterrupted detector operation and excellent image quality regardless of the ambient temperature. The combination of anode and filter materials ensures the best possible image contrast with a minimal exposure dose.

The acquisition workstation software provided as a part of supply package automates the examination process, simplifying tasks for the performing physician and minimizing examination time. The system communicates with the external destinations via the standard DICOM 3.0 protocol, transferring acquired images to review workstations and PACS servers and receiving lists of assigned exams (DICOM modality worklists).

The system may be further extended by our DIARM DM review workstation equipped with two medical grade high-contrast monitors with the resolution of 5 MP or higher, providing the radiologist with all the tools needed for the comprehensive analysis of diagnostic images.

The DIARM DM workstation software

The DIARM DM workstation software

The DIARM DM workstation software

The DIARM DM workstation software

The workstation automates common radiologists’ tasks such as report creation, image printing and recording CDs for patients. A disc issued for a patient will contain all images of the study in the DICOM format and a user-friendly application for viewing these images on both the patients’ and referring physician’s PCs.



  • instant display of acquired images on the screen;
  • minimum waiting time between exposures;
  • simplified needle positioning process;
  • lower patient exposure dose;
  • resolution of 10 lp/mm or higher;
  • high performance;
  • reliability;
  • simple operation.



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