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MobiRen™ Mobile Digital X-Ray System

The MobiRen™ is a portable digital X-ray system that is especially suited for examinaon of paents with reduced or limited mobility. Compact, mobile and easy-to-handle, the MobiRen™ system makes examining paents in Intensive Care Units, Orthopedic and Traumatology Units, and Pediatric and Neonatal Care Units faster and easier.

This system provides instant access to acquired images. It saves crucial me for the Radiologist, Technician and the paent in circumstances where every second is crical.

The MobiRen™ system provides high quality images while migang the radiaon dose. The system has a digital technician acquision workstaon that processes the images on-site and prevents the need to repeat procedures that result in addional radiaon exposure.

Radiaon exposure is controlled using a built-in dosimeter, and data on the paent’s exposure is saved together with the DICOM image.

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MobiRen™ is available with a portable wireless digital flat panel detector in 35x43 cm format.

The MobiRen™ represents the latest generation of MTL’s line of portable X-ray equipment. Collaboration with leading healthcare professionals and the experience accumulated over years of operation from previous models, has facilitated the development of a modern device that has proven itself in clinical use.


  • After plugging in the device, the intelligent system warns if the outlet is ungrounded or if there are problems with the power supply;
  • A wireless exposure button enables triggering of the exposure from an adjacent room, thus reducing the technician’s exposure to radiation;
  • Brake mechanisms reliably lock the device in place at the site of the examination


  • Light, easy to fold;
  • Easy to navigate through narrow hallways and small elevators;
  • Quick and easy crossing of thresholds thanks to large and firm, yet lightweight wheels.

Quick and high-quality imaging:

  • 4 kW generator ensures high-quality imaging;
  • The technician workstation, based on a durable industrial laptop, does not require powering down when moving the device, which saves time for medical personnel;
  • Wi-Fi image transfer from a full-size digital x-ray detector to the screen of the workstation is transmitted immediately after the exposure


  • Minimalistic design. Everything that might interfere with work is hidden in the machine;
  • Indicator lights on the machine inform the user of its readiness to take images, to carry out exposures, and indicate possible malfunctions in the device;
  • The workstation includes easily available image manipulation tools – collimation, brightness and contrast adjustment, and measurement of various objects Images can be transferred to the clinic’s Information System via Wi-Fi, so wires do not interfere with operation, and technicians do not have to waste time on sending images.



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