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MobiRen-4MT-D Mobile X-Ray System

The MobiRen-4MT is a portable digital X-ray system that is especially suited for examinaon of paents with reduced or limited mobility. Compact, mobile and easy-to-handle, the MobiRen-4MT system makes examining paents in Intensive Care Units, Orthopedic and Traumatology Units, and Pediatric and Neonatal Care Units faster and easier.

This system provides instant access to acquired images. It saves crucial me for the Radiologist, Technician and the paent in circumstances where every second is crical.

The MobiRen-4MT-D system provides high quality images while migang the radiaon dose. The system has a digital technician acquision workstaon that processes the images on-site and prevents the need to repeat procedures that result in addional radiaon exposure. Radiaon exposure is controlled using a built-in dosimeter, and data on the paent’s exposure is saved together with the DICOM image.

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MobiRen-4MT is available in the following configurations:

  • Digital version — with a portable wireless digital flat panel detector in 35x43 cm format



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