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IntegRIS-MT: Radiology Information System (RIS/PACS)

The IntegRIS-MT RIS/PACS software helps you to automate radiology workflow and enhance productivity of your healthcare facility. This system integrates modality equipment and MTL-supplied or existing workstations, connecting them to the RIS/PACS server which provides reliable storage of diagnostic data and controls the radiology imaging workflows.



  • The system can be shipped with MTL-manufactured DIARM™ image review workstations (general radiology, mammography and multi-modal)
  • Existing DICOM-compatible workstations of your healthcare facility may be easily integrated into the solution
  • Allows for integration of any DICOM/IHE-compliant modalities
  • Integrates with your Hospital Information System (HIS) and/or IHE systems via HL7 and other industry-standard protocols in accordance with IHE profiles
  • Scales to meet the needs of your facility — easy integration of additional modalities, workstations and storage, including support for the image sharing network
  • Access to patient data and images from web browsers and mobile devices
  • Intuitive user experience

The IntegRIS-MT RIS/PACS solution is designed to automate radiology workflows such as image acquisition, reading, reporting and data storage. The IntegRIS-MT network integrates modality equipment and radiologists’ workstations, connecting them via DICOM protocol to a central server, where diagnostic data is reliably stored. This means that images and other patient data can be easily and securely accessed and shared by healthcare professionals.


The IntegRIS-MT Radiology Information System features include:

  • Examination procedure scheduling with modality worklists
  • Streamlining image reading workflow with reading worklists
  • Support for statistical reporting


The IntegRIS-MT PACS key features include:
  • Storage of image data from third-party modalities (including CR, CT, DR, MG, MR, NM, OT, SC, SR, RF, US, XA)
  • DICOM support: Store SCP for receiving images, Move, Find, Get commands for searching and accessing images
  • Configurable code page for DICOM including Unicode
  • Image recompression support (JPEG2000 codec)
  • Patient info reconciliation
  • Centralized automatic update of the DIARM™ software on all workstations connected to the PACS server

Web and Mobile Access to Diagnostic Data

The IntegRIS-MT allows access to patient studies from web browsers and mobile devices, including:
  • Viewing all prior studies of a patient with an option of image comparison
  • Display of images in a customizable layout for convenient reading
  • Intuitive image reading tools, such as magnifier, pan, zoom, brightness and contrast adjustment, and others
  • A set of user-friendly tools for measuring lengths, angles and areas of any objects in the image
  • URL’s of studies and images may be added to the patient’s electronic medical records for direct access from the HIS (if supported by the facility’s HIS software)
  • Secure data exchange protocols to ensure protection of sensitive data

Integration with a Hospital Information System (HIS)

  • The IntegRIS-MT system can be integrated with the customer’s HIS via the HL7 protocol
  • Custom integration options are also available

Security and Data Protection

  • The data transmitted between the nodes of the system is secured with industry-standard encryption protocols
  • Strict access control policies and data retention rules protect diagnostic data and other private information from unauthorized access
  • Scheduled backups of all medical data stored in the system