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SOLO™ DMR Wireless Mammograph Retrofit Installation in Chile

02 March 2020

MTL is excited to announce the first installation of SOLO™ DMR Wireless Mammography Retrofit System in Chile. The CMOS-based, high resolution detector has been installed in a mobile unit that will be used across the country to perform critical screening.

We also had the opportunity to test the newly upgraded system on three volunteers. These volunteers gave their time towards the cause. We obtained a staff for the examinations. The resulting image clarity, details and workflow exceeded expectations on all levels. The acquired images were analysed on the high end doctor review mammography workstation. Images were shared with our leading radiologist contacts internationally, and all were equally impressed by the image quality. All the data obtained is going to be shared with their radiologists. Our hope is that the new images can provide more diagnostic information to their radiologists.

MTL solutions bring the future of early breast cancer detection into Chile. Relying on our global partners' support, our company has successfully installed the highest resolution mammography panel in the market with the hope of improved early breast cancer detection. What brought this project to life: grandmothers, mothers, wives, aunts, sisters, cousins, and daughters who perished from breast cancer. The fight against breast cancer is a difficult one and early detection is critical. We will continue to build higher end products and provide the essential tools for continued, enduring hope. We believe this project in Chile is just the beginning of many great things to come.


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