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DIARM™ Review Workstation Family

DIARM™ is a line of DICOM-compatible image review workstation software that automates radiologists’ and other medical professionals’ workflow, from reading medical images and creating reports to image and report printing and DICOM CD recording. It seamlessly integrates into our IntegRIS-MT RIS/PACS system, but it can also be integrated with the existing IT-infrastructure of your healthcare facility.


  • Streamlined user experience — the software is intuitive and ready to use “out of the box”
  • Viewing images from essentially all diagnostic modalities: DX, CR, MG, RF, CT, MR, US etc.
  • Automatic display of prior studies, assuming study availability in the PACS
  • Comprehensive set of measurement and annotation tools, including specialized measurement packages
  • Structured and free-form reports stored as DICOM SR
  • Ready to use and customizable report and image printing templates
  • Image export in various formats and Patient CD recording
  • De-identification of images for exporting and training purposes, teaching file support
  • Integrates with IntegRIS-MT or other DICOM-compatible PACS/RIS systems, including an integrated reading worklist that retrieves data from RIS


DIARM™ DR General X-Ray Review Workstation
DIARM™ DR is a cost-effective solution for optimal productivity of a general radiologist, designed for viewing digital images and diagnostic data from DICOM-compatible DX, RF, CR modalities.
DIARM™ DM Mammography Workstation Software
Featuring a set of tools specifically designed to enhance productivity of the breast imaging radiologist, DIARM™ DM allows for viewing digital images and diagnostic data from MG as well as related (MR, US) modalities.
DIARM™ Multimodal Review Workstation
DIARM™ Multimodal is a good choice for customers who need an all-in-one solution with a solid set of industry-standard viewing functions and a wide range of supported modalities.
DIARM™ MW Mobile DR Suitcase System
DIARM™ MW, a mobile acquisition & review workstation, is a part of our comprehensive digital solution for emergency and military medical services. The workstation is designed for performing urgent examinations under most demanding field conditions, including search, rescue, military and other field operations.