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DIARM™ Multimodal Review Workstation

The DIARM™ Multimodal software is a part of the DIARM™ review workstation family. It is designed to view digital images and diagnostic data from DX, CR, MG, RF, CT, MR, US, XA and other modalities.

DIARM™ Multimodal is a good choice for customers who need an all-in-one solution with a solid set of industry-standard viewing functions and a wide range of supported modalities.

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  • A Windows-based PC (3.4 GHz CPU, 8 GB memory, 128 GB SSD or better)
  • 17" (or better) regular display
  • 3 Mpx (or better) color medical display
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Optionally comes with a dedicated mammo keypad

Note: certified monitors may be required for diagnostic use in some subspecialties, e.g. breast imaging.


  • The software fully automates a radiologist’s workflow, from image reading and reporting to image printing and patient DICOM CD recording
  • Combines all the features of specialized DIARM™ review workstations into an all-in-one package, including modality-specific layouts, viewing protocols, view modes, measurement tools and reporting capabilities
  • Wide set of morphometric tools ensures fast and accurate measurements
  • Easy-to-use viewing filters can be applied to images in real time to enhance details and improve diagnostic accuracy

Supplied for export as SOFTWARE


  • Streamlined user experience — the software is intuitive and ready to use “out of the box”
  • Viewing images from essentially all modalities: DX, CR, MG, RF, CT, MR, US, XA etc.
  • Basic image viewing capabilities for single-frame and multi-frame images
  • Specialized image viewer for MG modality with mammography-specific layouts, viewing modes, etc.
  • Specialized image viewer for CT/MR with MPR, 3D rendering, MIP/MinIP etc.
  • Automatic display of prior studies, assuming study availability in the PACS
  • Comprehensive set of measurement and annotation tools, including specialized measurement packages (pediatric, cardiologic, spinal, orthopedic etc.)
  • Structured and free-form reports stored as DICOM SR
  • Ready to use and customizable report and image printing templates
  • Image export in various formats and Patient CD recording
  • De-identification of images for exporting and training purposes, teaching file support
  • Integrates with IntegRIS-MT or other DICOM-compatible PACS/RIS systems, including an integrated reading worklist that retrieves data from RIS


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