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DIARM™ DM Mammography Workstation Software

The DIARM™ DM software is a part of the DIARM™ review workstation family.

Featuring a set of tools specifically designed to enhance productivity of the breast imaging radiologist, the software allows for viewing digital images and diagnostic data from MG as well as related (MR, US) modalities.


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  • A Windows-based PC (3.4 GHz CPU, 8 GB memory, 128 GB SSD or better)
  • 17" (or better) regular display
  • 2x 5 Mpx (or better) b/w medical breast imaging certified display
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Optionally comes with a dedicated mammo keypad


  • The software fully automates a breast imaging radiologist’s workflow, from image reading and reporting to image printing and patient DICOM CD recording
  • Simple and efficient reading workflow equally suitable for either expert or inexperienced radiologist
  • The Pixel View mode for optimized review of screening studies: the intelligent sector-by-sector viewing workflow guides a user over all the available imaging data in 100% pixel resolution
  • Easy-to-use viewing filters can be applied to images in real time to enhance details and improve diagnostic accuracy
  • CE-certified for European markets

Viewing images in the 100% pixels mode

Viewing images in the 100% pixels mode

Viewing images in the 100% pixels mode
A DBT viewing layout

A DBT viewing layout

A DBT viewing layout
The screening overview layout

The screening overview layout

The screening overview layout

Supplied for export as SOFTWARE


  • Simple one-button workflow — the software is ready to use ‘out of the box’, intuitively guiding a user through the steps of the diagnostic process
  • Viewing images from MG and a number of other modalities (DX, CR, RF, CT, MR, US etc.)
  • Built-in MG-specific layouts and viewing protocols: screening layout, pairs of views, comparison with priors
  • Automatic display of prior studies, assuming study availability in the PACS
  • Pixel View mode for intelligent roaming over a pair of views displayed at a pixel-to-pixel scale
  • Systematic viewing masks mode for focused viewing of mammograms
  • Digital Breast Tomography reading tools
  • Optional dedicated mammo keypad for quick access to frequently-used functions
  • BI-RADS compatible structured reporting, as well as free form reporting
  • Comprehensive set of measurement and annotation tools integrated with the reporting module
  • Ready to use and customizable report and image printing templates
  • Image export in various formats and Patient CD recording
  • De-identification of images for exporting and training purposes, teaching file support
  • Integrates with IntegRIS-MT or other DICOM-compatible PACS/RIS systems, including an integrated reading worklist that retrieves data from RIS


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