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Telecord™ Digital Remote Control X-Ray System

Telecord™ is a modern radio fluoroscopy system intended for performing a variety of radiographic and fluoroscopy tests. Its range of features includes tomosynthesis, dual-energy and panoramic modes.

The product’s ergonomic design, digital technology and compact relative footprint makes it an ideal choice for use in examination rooms as small as 24 m2. The built-in remote exposure control eliminates the technician’s exposure risk during examinations.


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Being our most recent innovation in the field of R/F solutions, the TeleKoRD-MT-Plus includes the following features:

  • Tomosynthesis Imaging
  • Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry
  • Panoramic Imaging


Tomosynthesis is an imaging method where a series of low-dosage exposures is performed, during which the X-ray tube moves in an arc around the object of the study while the flat panel detector moves in the opposite direction of the tube. The result is a reconstructed 3D image of the object.

Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry is a method when two low-dosage exposures at different energy levels are performed to obtain a reconstructed image with the bones or soft tissue suppressed. The main application of this method is screening chest examinations conducted to diagnose any morbid growth in the lungs, which during standard tests may be obstructed by bone tissue and thus remain undetected. It also allows for the measurement of bone density.

Panoramic Imaging is used to obtain a full-length image of the spinal column and lower extremities by stitching together several consecutive images of a target region.






  • A dynamic full field digital flat panel detector (43x43 cm)
  • Instant switching between radiographic and fluoroscopy modes
  • The expansive range of motion of the X-Ray tube allows for examinations of obese patients and the study of large anatomical regions (abdomen, pelvis, etc.)
  • Enables both high-resolution radiographic and high-speed fluoroscopy tests with a single detector
  • User-friendly for patients in serious condition or physically disabled, as well as children and elderly patients

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