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SOLO™ DR 3543W Wireless Digital X-Ray Flat Panel Detector

35x43cm Wireless Digital X-Ray Plat Panel Detector with a 140 micron pixel size.

When combined with our easy-to-use Acquisition Workstation, this detector makes receiving and processing digital X-ray images effortless.

SOLO™ DR 3543W is a modern and reliable solution for obtaining excellent-quality digital images. This cassette-sized detector provides a simple and comprehensive approach to direct digital radiography by instantly transforming your existing analog system into a digital device. With its lightweight design, the detector is easily portable and can be used with your mobile X-ray units for convenient mobile imaging.

Wireless connectivity gives more flexibility and convenience during examinations and makes the device easier to use, resulting in a more efficient imaging workflow and higher patient throughput, which also means less waiting time and more comfort for the patient. The Automatic Exposure Detection (AED) feature makes SOLO™ DR 3543W compatible with virtually any X-ray system, eliminating the need for complex integration.

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  • High sensitivity and low noise
  • Superior DQE and MTF
  • High speed wireless interface
  • Ergonomic design including indentation on the back for more convenient holding and carrying
  • Proprietary image enhancement through onboard software and hardware features
  • Available with an optional Acquisition Workstation or Standalone SDK


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