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Universe™ Digital U-Arm Radiography System

The Universe™ Digital U-Arm Radiography System is designed for performing multi-positional (standing, sitting, lying), multi-projection X-ray exams of chest organs (including the heart), the skull, osteoarticular and other organ imaging. Designed for use in stationary X-ray rooms of medical institutions, the Universe™ is a high quality, cost-effective solution for healthcare facilities of any level.

The combination of an ergonomic design and the system’s low relative weight makes it an ideal choice for use in examination rooms as small as 14 m2.

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Universe™ Digital U-Arm Radiography System is supplied with:

  • A full-size 43x43 cm digital Flat Panel Detector (FPD), which allows for imaging of large areas of interest, such as the chest and pelvis
  • X-ray generator with a wide range of preset anatomical programs
  • Safety features to prevent patient risk (automatic stopping, reverse motion):
    • Collision prevention system – photoelectric sensors on the rotating u-arm slow down or stop u-arm movement if any obstacle is detected while in operation
    • Collision sensors on both the u-arm stand and the detector react to any unexpected shock

The system includes a rotating u-arm, mobile radiographic table with a low X-ray absorption coefficient, and a dual focus, rotating anode X-ray tube. U-arm movements can be driven from the control panel on the emitter tube, FPD control panel or from IR remote control. The system status data is displayed on a touchscreen panel.

The system also comes with a set of X-ray protective gear and an X-ray dosimeter.


Optional equipment:


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